Thursday, January 14, 2010

666 Twitter Followers! 13 Blog Followers

Oh my....666 Twitter followers as of today and 13 blog followers! must have something to do with the creation of my witchy, bitchy blog.   *titter*   I still say I should start a new site like Twitter and call it *Titter*....whadya think?  heeeeeeee    Anyway...I think I will hide out under the blankets for the rest of the day in case this 666 and 13 have a wicked undertone of some sort.

Oh, and went mega-thrifting this morning for my vintage shop on Etsy--you know the one, right?  Anyway there were about 5000 people there for the grand opening of the new thrift store!  Yikes!    Found a few things for myself but no vintage finds, dagnabbit.

Carry on witches and bitches--you know which  you are...what?  A little of both you say?  *titter*


In awe of 666

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

EtsyWitch is Born

The idea popped into my head that this could be fun.

Gimme  your ideas as far as content.   And follow me, dammit!